Device for grease distribution on the internal side of rail track. Improves wear levels where curve in track is critical. The system is approved by the Italian Railways network.

System is reliable and foolproof, able to suffer the severest environmental conditions. It does not require any substitution of worn parts. System is designed to simplify and automate maintenance as much as possible. Compact bar fixes onto track foot. Mounting and dismounting operations are easy and fast.

Biodegradable lubricant (NLGI 2 grease) is dispensed from a 50 kg barrel pump. When dosed correctly, the rail track rolling surface and the ballast will be free of lubricant contamination. Typical refill time is at least 6 months. Lubricant can be dispensed accurately between -25°C to + 45°C.



Main components of the system:

  • Motorized Cannon Pump capable of 125cc per minute and 250 bar pressure.
  • Advanced controller that monitors the pump function and lubricant status in grease pail. This gives a guarantee that the system is working.
  • Distribution bar with stainless steel divider, vibration sensor and custom fan nozzles providing an even spread on the rail track.
  • All of the above is mounted in a cabinet to protect the system from the environment.

The bar is modular. A standard single bar releases 4 shots of grease on the internal side of rail track head, providing enough lubricant to obtain a smooth distribution of grease for over 4,000 meters of railway line (about 2.5 mi).
The system can be power supplied with tension between 90VAC and 230 VAC. The system maximum absorbed power is 350VA. The electric supply cables minimum required size is 2.5sqmm and grounding connection must be included.

To ensure lubrication in low temperatures areas, a specific heating-kit for the distribution system is available as optional. The temperature is monitored on the system, switching the heating-kit on when necessary.

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