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Rail lubrication systems

BB Technical Service has been focusing on issues concerning the efficiency of rail infrastructure for several years. The company has already experimented and approved some lubrication systems for tight-radius curves and for fluid distribution to reduce screechs while cornering.

Constantly ensuring professionalism and seriousness, BBTS has become a benchmark for sector operators.

Prompted by our customers and by infrastructure and railway fleet managers, we planned further investments to expand the range of our solutions. In particular, we are working on the design of devices for de-icing fluids distribution to apply on switches and contact lines, which have been proved to be particularly critical in presence of ice.

To develop a more accurate design of lubrication and fluid distribution systems, BBTS has decided to implement its professional, organizational and management skills together with DropsA SPA.

A solid and careful technical direction and R&D management will allow us to design simple and reliable systems, raising the quality of the current range of solutions.

The improvement will involve the design phase, the setting of production and the control and testing of produced systems.

Finally, we aim to offer our customers a reliable and comprehensive after market service.

We want to offer more accurate and complex products/services, tailored to the needs of our customers.


Device for grease distribution on the internal side of rail track.
Improves wear levels where curve in track is critical. The system is approved by the Italian Railways network. System is reliable and foolproof, able to suffer the severest environmental conditions. It does not require any substitution of worn parts. System is designed to simplify and automate maintenance as much as possible. Compact bar fixes onto track foot. Mounting and dismounting operations are easy and fast.

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Strict-Luber is a lubrication system that allows the operator to choose the measured grease quantity for multiple sized axles. The main components of the system are the Pumping Station with hoist, control panel and axle applicator. The system will work with upto NLGI 3 grease and we have proper grease solutions for this application.

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Power Light is a hard duty greasing gun aimed at professionals seeking a durable product.

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