Technical cleaning systems with CO2


Attraverso un acceleratore CO2 (tipo Dry Gun) collegato alla rete di aria compressa, i pellets di anidride carbonica allo stato solido vengono immessi nelle canalizzazioni. Grazie ad una sonda di 12 metri vengono raggiunte anche le zone di canalizzazione lontane dalle bocchette di ispezione.

Main features


BB Technical Service, on specific request of leading manufacturers in rail industry and in association with A&G, has developed an innovative technical cleaning methodology particularly oriented to rail vehicles needs.
The maintenance of electrical equipments like electric engines, static electrical converters, inductances, PCBs, cannot be regardless to an accurate and preventive cleaning procedure. Through a specific equipment (CO2 acceleratorDry Gun type) specially prepared for this application, the objects to be cleaned are hit by a flow of solid carbon dioxide pellets.

Main features
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