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BB Technical Service was founded in 2005 to develop chemical formulations and research innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of railway maintenance processes.

BB Technical Service was originally part of the Faiveley Transport Group and it was born as a consultant of Faiveley Transport Italy in the identification of the most adequate chemicals to optimize the performances of FT subcomponents. In collaboration with Faiveley’s Engineering and R&D departments, BB Technical Service developed the SW line, which includes high quality lubricants, adhesives and detergents approved and reported in train maintenance manuals of the braking and pneumatic systems.

Today BB Technical Service is not directly controlled by the Faiveley Transport Group, but it is a strategic partner. It has a crucial role in searching and developing chemicals suitable for the maintenance of new pneumatic and mechanic devices that require increasingly innovative chemical solutions.

In 2012 BB Technical Service proposed to the company SPII, part of the German Group Schaltbau, its technical consultancy service and supply of chemicals. According to its business model based on listening to its customers and delivering added value, BB Technical Service developed the SP line which includes products for the maintenance of train electromechanical components.

BB Technical Service’s success is based on a solid knowledge of the railway industry, a focus on innovation and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We are oriented to offer chemical products and consultancy services to other manufactures of rolling stock subcomponents and system integrators of the railway industry.

Starting from 2011 BB Technical Service, in collaboration with the Company DropsA, supplies innovative railroad lubrication systems approved by the Italian Railway Network to reduce the wear of rails, its related costs and technical problems that may compromise rail traffic safety.

:: Latest news

The Company Faiveley Transport Italia indicates our anaerobic SW products, categorized by Trenitalia, as substitutes of the corresponding Loctite products. [...]


Six products in our line of anaerobic and cyanoacrylate are categorized by Trenitalia. [...]


The product line consumables CP is formally approved by the Company Production. [...]

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